When life gets tough, it’s easy to focus on the negative aspects. You may start to feel like nothing is going your way and that you’ll never be able to get out of your bad situation. Sometimes, it’s enough to just know that things will get better – but when you need additional support in order to weather a storm, consider these tips for staying positive when times are rough:

You are not the only person who has problems

Life gets hard sometimes and it’s normal to get overwhelmed sometimes. We tend to forget that “C’est la vie” (this is life). Everyone has problems in their life be it a strangers you met in the cafe the other day, or that lady in that bakery you met, even that sweet boy who asked you the time, basically everyone you have known or you see around yourself right now is going through something you never will never know about. They might even have it far worse than you. If you look at the world through a different lens, you will see that there are many people who have it worse than you and they still manage to remain positive.

You can be grateful for what you have, instead of focusing on what is missing from your life. There are so many things we take for granted that could be taken away from us any time by circumstances beyond our control. Be grateful for all the good things in your life, including family and friends, health, education and financial stability.

Make a list of your good qualities

If you are one of those people who overthink and over-analyse everything bad that has been going on in your life, then this is the tip you can get make most out of. Make a list of you good qualities. It’s easy to become self-critical when life is not going well. To counter this, I will suggest making a list of your strengths and what you have accomplished in life. Think about all the things you’re good at, include your smallest accomplishments even if its as simple as organizing your room, write down if you were able to make someone smile, write about the times when you were able to help out and were there for your friends and family when they needed you. Don’t forget to also add the moments to the list when you felt the proudest about something you did.

It is crucial to be aware of the kind of person you are, it’s important to have respect for who you are. We often celebrate even minutest achievements of our family and friends but forget to congratulate our self when we achieve something big. This leads us to think very critically of our self and become anxious when things go haywire. Remember you have the power to change things around you if you believe in yourself and give yourself enough credit.

Make a list of your accomplishments, big and small

One of the best ways to stay positive is by looking at the good things you have achieved, rather than focusing on all that has not gone your way. For example, if you have a job interview coming up, make a list of what you are proudest of in your career so far. The fact that you’ve been working for 10 years is an accomplishment; it shows that you’re persistent and reliable. Looking at this list every day can help remind yourself how much progress you’ve made and encourage you to keep going when times are tough.

Keep thinking positively and be grateful

Think about the positive aspects of the situation and how you can solve it. Reminding yourself that there is a way through helps you maintain your positivity and keep things in perspective. Thinking about how you will deal with or tackle the problem makes you feel more confident and empowered to take on your challenges head-on.

Think about everything that you are grateful for. Studies state that being grateful has been shown to improve our health, happiness, relationships and sense of purpose in life. Gratitude can also help us cope with difficult situations because it increases our ability to remain optimistic when times get tough.

Talk To Your Friends

Some times doing things as simple as talking to your friends or someone you know who cares about you is an easy way of distracting yourself from your negative thoughts that keeps clouding your head. Talking to someone and telling them about how you feel will also make your heart feels a bit lighter. Venting out your feelings to someone who actually cares about you will also help you come up with better and wiser solutions (as you will get an unbiased look at your situation).

You can also call your friends and family and tell them how much you appreciate and love them. It will make you remind yourself how much you value them and in return you will also get to hear what they think about you ultimately leading you to be more grateful, build confidence and feel less anxious.

Read self-help books or inspirational literature

Self-help books are all about change. A change of habits, character traits, or your physical appearance – you name it. The thing is, you have to make the change yourself.

Reading self-help books and inspirational literature is a great way to remain positive. By reading these types of books, you will be able to boost your mood by feeling happier and more confident about yourself. Regardless of your age, they will greatly improve your life. Self-help can be challenging at first, but if you stick to it and persist through the process over time, it will yield great rewards. 

Here are some self help books you can choose to read at any age:

  • Best Self by Mike Bayer
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

No Matter What Comes On Your Way, Maintain A Positive Attitude

Sometimes we all feel down and out, but maintaining a positive attitude can help you feel better, no matter how bad things get. Here are some things you can to do to stay positive in difficult situations:

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. If something goes wrong or if something doesn’t go the way you hoped it would, don’t beat yourself up about it. Everyone makes mistakes and has setbacks sometimes—even when they’re trying their best! Remind yourself of this when times get tough so that you don’t lose hope in your goals or give up on them completely.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is different; there’s no use comparing yourself with someone else just because they seem to have an easier life than yours does at the moment (or vice versa). Focus instead on what makes YOU special and unique—and do those things well! You’ll feel much better about yourself if you aren’t constantly thinking about how other people got ahead faster than you did or how they’ve already achieved more success than whatever goals THEY set for themselves last week…

We are all aware of how life gets tough sometimes and its easy to feel overburdened and exhausted, which might turn us to assume that our life is harder than most people. Remember comparison is the thief if joy. With the help of these tips I hope you will feel a bit better in the future, no matter what life throws at you.

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