Toxic relationships are never good for you. They make you feel like you’re not good enough, but they also keep you from developing the valuable traits that will help you find a healthy relationship in the future.d for anyone. If your partner is trying to control you. It may be intentional or unintentional, but if someone is making you feel like their puppet and you’re having trouble leaving the relationship, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate what’s going on.

They don’t respect your boundaries.

Be aware of your boundaries. It’s time to discover what they are if you don’t already know. What are the things in your life that you cannot compromise on? What do you need from someone to feel respected and loved?
Let them know what your boundaries are. It’s always better to let someone know what their expectations are rather than having them guess at them—and then be wrong! Don’t just speak up once—keep bringing it up until they get it so there aren’t any misunderstandings as time goes on.

Otherwise, by not addressing the issue and continuing to let go something that has hurt you means that this behavior is acceptable which only encourages others who may cross lines themselves down the road; therefore making things even worse next time around because now not only have we set an example but also given permission while doing so too!

They don’t care about your feelings.

If you feel like your partner doesn’t care about how you feel, that’s a big red flag. It’s perfectly normal to want to discuss your life’s experiences with your partner and get their opinion on the matter. They may not care about what matters to you if they don’t seem interested in hearing or understanding how you feel, which means they won’t be there for you when things get difficult. If this is the case, it’s time to re-evaluate whether or not this relationship is healthy for both parties involved.

They Try To Guilt Trip You Into Doing Things For Them

One of the biggest signs that your relationship is toxic is when your partner tries to guilt you into doing things for them. This can be anything from making you feel guilty if you don’t do what they want, using guilt to manipulate you into doing things for them, using guilt to keep you in the relationship, or even using it as a way of getting what they want.

Guilt trips are one of the most common ways that people manipulate each other and keep others under their control. Guilt tripping can also cause someone to doubt themselves and question whether or not something is actually wrong with their behavior—or if there even is a problem at all!

When You Have An Issue, Your Partner Is Either Defensive Or Apathetic Towards You

Your partner might not be listening to you if you’re having a problem. They might take offence at your feelings or dismiss them. They might not be open to hearing your side of the story and will instead focus on their own perspective without first hearing yours.

Your partner could also be apathetic towards your problems or uninterested in them altogether—or worse yet, blame you for any issues that arise between the two of you!

Their criticism is regular and constant.

The toxic person will criticize you for everything. They don’t have any positive feedback for you, and they make you feel like you’re never good enough. They always find something to complain about; and if they can’t find anything wrong with a situation or an event, they’ll simply criticize what happened instead of enjoying themselves. It is one of the main traits of a narcissists so you need to be extra careful around them.

They only want to do things on their terms.

If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship, you know how challenging it can be to persuade them to compromise. They will do things on their terms, not yours. If you have an idea for something fun to do, they may agree—but only if they get to come up with the plan and call all the shots.

If your friend or partner exhibits this behavior, there may be a problem. Toxic people prefer to make decisions for themselves rather than have others tell them what to do or how to live their lives.

They Refuse To Compromise

This is probably one of the character traits that can indicate a toxic relationship that is easiest to spot. It’s time to re-evaluate your relationship if you feel like your partner won’t compromise on anything, won’t listen to you, and always acts right—even when they’re wrong.

The problem with refusing to compromise is that it can lead both parties into an endless cycle of arguing over every little thing. You’ll want something different or want them to do something differently than what they would normally do, but instead of compromising and working together on finding a compromise solution (which everyone should be happy with), they will argue until someone gives up or backs down from their position completely.

This kind of behavior leads to resentment in the relationship because neither party feels heard or respected by their partner!

They Don’t Trust You

If they don’t trust you, that’s one of the obvious signs that you’re dating a toxic person. They might be doubting your loyalty and believe that you are cheating on them, or they might be projecting past trust issues onto you.

If your partner doesn’t trust you, it hurts so much more than if they were just honest with themselves and said “I’m not ready for this level of commitment” or “I’m not ready to get serious right now.” When someone says something like “I can’t commit because I want my freedom,” it’s not as hurtful as being told that someone doesn’t love or respect you enough to give up their own personal needs for yours.

They Get Jealous Easily

Jealousy can be a sign of insecurity, but it can also be a sign of love. If your partner gets jealous when you spend time with other people, then this could mean that he or she is insecure and needs reassurance from you that the relationship is important to them. We all have those friends who are just a bit too close, but if they’re the only ones you can count on, it might be time to reevaluate the friendship. The same goes for family members—if your significant other is acting jealous or possessive around them, it’s a big red flag that their jealousy could start affecting your relationship next. On the other hand, if they are constantly testing your boundaries and making sure that you don’t stray too far from them, then this may be a sign of control issues or even an unhealthy attachment to you.

Your Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable At Times, Withdrawing From Intimacy Without Warning Or Reason.

This is an important sign to look out for, because it is a sign that you are not getting the emotional support and intimacy you need from your partner. If they are emotionally unavailable at times, there could be many reasons why this might be happening. It could be because they are not ready for a relationship and need time away from people or it could be that they are afraid of being emotionally intimate with someone else.

If any of these signs sound familiar, it’s worth thinking about how often they happen and whether they seem harmless or not. (however, it is to be remembered that they have a potential to harm you). If this is the case and your gut tells you that something isn’t right with your relationship, then now might be time to ask for help from someone else who has been through something similar themselves. The most important thing to remember is you deserve better, so don’t be afraid to leave if things get too bad.

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