It is said that a woman’s heart is full of emotions. And It is true that woman are capable of feeling every emotion too deeply and intensely.

There have been so many instances in my life where I have been shut off by my friends (specially male) by saying that talking to me is like talking to a cloud of emotions. So, today I realized it was finally enough and being emotional is nothing to be ashamed of. I am capable of dealing with my emotions and so can you. I am writing this blog for all those women and teen girlies out there that are facing difficulties managing your thoughts and emotions.

You Are Not Alone.

I have been there, too. I know the feeling of having to apologize for being sensitive. I understand that sometimes it can be hard to manage our emotions and thoughts, especially when you’re going through a tough time in life, or feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s going on around you. As a woman, I’ve also felt pressured to have it all together—to be strong and independent, but at the same time to know exactly what I want and how to get it.

Connect With An Old Friend Or A Loved One

First of all, being too sensitive doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you for feeling this way, though. Rather than trying to suppress your emotions, try talking about them! Talking about your feelings can help you figure out what they mean and why you’re experiencing them in the first place.

When i was struggling with my emotional baggage my i had a chance to re-connect with my best friend from college, she helped me learn how to manage them better by telling me that she didn’t see me as “a cloud of emotions,” but rather as someone who had great potential if only she could find her way out from under all those clouds!

So my advice to all the pretty girls with emotion management issues is to try to share your feelings with your girlfriends. They will stick by your side and encourage you and help you able to see past your problems and become stronger.

Validate Your Feelings

Most of us commit the mistake of not validating our feelings enough. While it is tough to manage emotions sometimes, it is also important to give yourself comfort of feeling what you feeling. To be able to amend something we must look through and acknowledge the situation. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of being too sensitive.

We’re humans and humans are made to feel all types of emotions. It’s okay if you feel hurt by someone or something. It’s okay to feel low sometimes. Remember, your feelings are valid and deserve to be heard. It is one important step towards making a change.

Take A Break From Social Media

Sometimes, social media can cause our minds to be distracted and filled with unnecessary negative thoughts which just adds up to our stress levels! So if you feel like your mind has been overloaded with too much stress lately, try taking some time off from social media as it can be very healthy for some of us.

Taking a break from social media may not be easy at first but once you start doing it every now and then, it will become easier for you. All you have to do is go offline for a few days or even weeks and enjoy the real world around you! You can also use this time to catch up on some reading or even go out with friends.

You could also practice social media fasting for a while. A social media fast is a period of time during which one refrains from using social media. You may decide to abstain from using all social media platforms during a social media fast, including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, and Reddit.

Write Down Your Feelings

Writing down your feelings can be a great way to get them out in the open and express yourself. Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand where you’re coming from if you don’t have time to talk about what’s going on in your head. If this happens, try writing down how you feel instead! Writing helps you organize your thoughts so that when someone asks “What’s wrong?” or “How are you feeling?” the next time around, there will be an answer waiting for them in black and white instead of just a few scattered words about what’s going on inside your head right now!

Writing down your feelings is not only a great way to communicate clearly with others—it can also be a great source of comfort and relaxation for yourself!

Express Your Feelings

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later, in uglier ways.”

They say it is important to express your feelings out to the people you trust, to the people who you know care about you. Ask them what they feel about your struggles and get their insights. Ask them about their opinion when you react in a certain way or talk about your problems.

When we talk about our feelings and experiences with someone we trust, we are able to see things from a different perspective and realize that there is no right or wrong way of dealing with them. It makes us feel better because we know that someone out there understands us and cares for us even if they don’t understand what we’re going through right now.

Us women go through stressful times(specially during that time of the month), but talking about them and how you feel in those days makes them easier to manage because it gives us some sort of control over what happens next instead of just sitting around feeling helpless or scared all day long! So don’t be afraid of feeling too much—just try to open up.

The bottom line is there are times when it becomes hard for us as women to control our emotions, especially when you are going through a difficult situation or relationship issues. With the help of these tips you can learn how you can manage your emotions and thoughts properly so that you can become more confident with expressing yourself.

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