I’ve worked in the corporate world for years, and I’ve seen countless companies fail because of a lack of communication. Often times, employees don’t feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with their bosses and coworkers. This creates an environment where people aren’t heard and ideas are stifled. But what if I told you that this doesn’t have to be the case? You can develop your inner voice and become an influential member of any team! Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Create an open environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.

People are more open to sharing their thoughts when you establish a culture of trust. It’s important for leaders to be receptive to fresh perspectives and capable of taking criticism without getting defensive. Employees who are encouraged to speak up will feel empowered, which will lead them down the path towards becoming influencers themselves!

When employees are given the opportunities themselves and speaking their thoughts find themselves capable of leading their own ventures and becoming mature in their future practices.

Never let fear stop you from asking a question.

Fear can stop you from asking questions. It can cause you to second-guess yourself and hold back your curiosity, even when it’s necessary to move forward.

You will only ever be stopped by fear if you let it to. Even if it will never completely go away, there are moments when we must fight our fears in order to fulfill our potential and succeed in life. So how do we do this?

  • You don’t have to be perfect: We often don’t ask questions because we’re afraid of looking stupid or making a mistake. But we should remember that learning is an ongoing process for everyone—no one knows everything at once! The more people who ask questions about something, the easier it becomes for others to understand what’s being discussed (and vice versa). So don’t be afraid of making mistakes by asking questions; just make sure they’re relevant ones!
  • Ask questions that interest YOU: Most importantly, find out what interests YOU most about whatever subject might be coming up next time at work/school/etc., then use those interests as fuel for finding answers when needed later on down the road…not just because someone else wants them answered too 🙂

Don’t let others define your reality.

Even though others won’t always agree with you or even like what you have to say, you shouldn’t let that stop you from speaking out. Establishing your reality is important for finding your own voice and gaining influence. However,  many people are constantly dictating to us what we can and cannot do. 

Our parents advise us on our professional choices, and our friends frequently criticise our look or behavior. Some of these beliefs may have even been adopted by us; perhaps we don’t believe we are attractive enough, intelligent enough. But at the end, these people only have a partial understanding of who we truly are because they have only seen one aspect of us thus far. 

Have a positive attitude about feedback and take action based on that feedback.

When someone gives you feedback, it’s usually not because they intend to offend you. Most likely, they’re trying to help you and enhance your performance. Even though this may be difficult to hear at first, try to look at feedback as a gift rather than an insult. Someone must see potential in what you are doing right now if they are offering you constructive criticism or suggestions for how they believe you may improve things for the future.

Take their suggestions and be inspired by constructive criticism since things will move more smoothly if everyone collaborates to achieve a common objective. Feedback allows people to gain new abilities and refine existing ones, allowing them to grow into influencers who perform outstanding work for their team, company, industry, community, and globe.  

Follow these tips and become an influential member of your team.

Be honest and open

It’s a simple concept, but people often forget to be honest with themselves when they are around others. Being open is not just about being willing to communicate what you think back and forth with your team, but also being willing to admit when you don’t know something or don’t understand everything that’s going on in a meeting. When you can admit that, then you can start asking questions and learning from others.

Be a good listener

Even if those ideas or concerns are unrelated to your project or endeavour, the first step to becoming influential is to truly listen to other people when they speak about their thoughts or matters that are important to them. It will be less likely for everyone involved in an enterprise setting (companies) to complete any job at all the more time people spend talking at rather than with each other. So, to improve your active listening abilities, follow up on someone else’s idea or opinion by asking clarifying questions.

Be yourself!

I have a colleague who always invites me to his house parties, he is at a stage where things like going out partying or inviting friends over for drinks is something he find really attractive. But i don’t like to do those stuff so I always try to politely reject him. It’s just not who I am. I’d rather sit at my home in comfy PJs and spend time with my family or take my dogs out on a walk. I solely reject his invitations because i would be much happier if i catered my needs than his. I choose to be myself.

It is important that you are yourself. You should not pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions, or even to ask questions. Expressing different points of view is also important, as it shows that you have a unique perspective and can bring something fresh to the table.

I hope these tips have helped you see the importance of developing an inner voice. Now that you know what it is and how to develop it, I encourage you to start implementing them in your life today! From practicing active listening skills to being open-minded and positive about change, each one of these tips can help create a better environment for yourself and others around you. Remember: don’t be afraid; just try something new today!

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