Do you wish to change your whole reality?

Yes, you heard it right, it might be the best decision of your life.

Most of my high school and later life I have been a firm believer of “que sera sera”, “whatever will be, will be ” kind of person, and only recently I realized what I have been attracted to in my life. It was mainly pessimism, neutrality in the face of opportunities and even feeling like I have no control over my own life. I have also been skeptical of things turning out in my favor, I mean why raise expectations when you might just be set up for failure? Better to stay calm and let things take their own course, right? Hear me out!

Even though I will call myself a practical and rational person at this point of life, I wasn’t the same In my early childhood, I used to have all these spiritual beliefs of right and wrong, of Karma deciding things for you, of a celestial being having a plan for your life that got me making decisions that I wouldn’t make in my early 20s. So at different points of my life I have held different beliefs and have acted on different values. So it is possible to be your own authentic self and give chances to various ways of thinking that work out for you.

So, are you willing to change your belief system? And if that sounds too extreme, are you at least willing to accept and pave the way for newer more beneficial thoughts, beliefs and accepting better lifestyle changes? If yes, then you are at the right place.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction basically says the thoughts you have will determine the outcome of your life whether you like it or not. If you have negative thoughts you will tend to project negativity everywhere in your life and if you think positive you will radiate positive and happy vibrations from within.

The Power of Our Subconscious

It’s very common for someone to focus on all things that are going bad in one’s life. If you continually focus on negative things you’re inevitably going to attract negative things. We tend to find the negative aspects of things first partly because of our society. Some people think of it as metaphysically, your thoughts have vibrations and they attract similar vibrations. The direction of our thoughts determines both the action and your subconscious. This is the secret, your subconscious, your mind, is the most powerful thing on this planet, and almost all of the time your subconscious is controlling everything in your body.

If you want to attract more financial abundance in your life, thoughts like “I don’t have any money”, “I need more of it”, “I can’t afford anything”, won’t get you any money, you will continue into same level of scarcity or even go down a little on that scale. Alternatively, focus on it more positively and imagine having that financial abundance. Yes, pretend you already have it. Another way is feeling content with what you have now and move towards bigger goals instead of focusing on the scarcity. This may have started sounding easy by now, right? Think about things you want to attract, you want to have in your life and you shall have them, right?

What we believe in, determines what becomes true in our lives even though it doesn’t happen instantaneously. Similar to placebo effect, a concept in science where the patient is given a medicine with no actual effects and the person believing he’s being treated with a drug scientifically said to cure this disease starts getting better over time believing in the said drug. Scientists can’t even explain these phenomena, but it does show the power of your mind and how your thoughts can even alter things in your body, it is amazing!

But on the opposite side there is this concept of hypochondria, a condition in adults in which small symptoms they have are constantly being related to some huge incurable disease, which attracts more worry and sickness.

The quality of your life will mirror the quality of your thoughts

We have 60,000 thoughts on an average day and the majority of those thoughts are repeated from yesterday. You can imagine if you turn some of those thoughts into positive ones and reiterate them every single day they will start mirroring into your subconscious and next, reflecting in your actions and thus would help determine a new reality to your life. You will gain a new lease of life, newer and better perspectives about your environment, and the people in it.

When things start to change for the better, most people deem them as a result of their faith or spiritual experiences but that is actually something to do with having synchronicity in your life relating to your thoughts and your actions.

Visualize Happiness and Abundance

Most people think that happiness comes from being successful, from being wealthy, from having amazing friends, but generally, it’s the other way around. First you must achieve your happiness, gratitude and contentment from life and then comes success, amazing relationships and financial abundance along with all the things you want to attract into your life.

We must have observed in our childhood that the exams that we worry or stress about so much actually turn out pretty bad, but those exams where we intentionally sat and visualized ourselves writing them and passing them with flying colors, turned out to be so much better.

I’m not spiritual or religious but it does seem to work on a deeper trust level as it has worked out with me. I believe, and perhaps if you do it can work out for you too. Be grateful for the life you have, no matter what is going on in your life, visualize yourself where you want to be but don’t see it with the lack of where you are now, but with true desire to go to where you want to be. Love yourself first, act as if you have already achieved your dreams, do it by being grateful for every little thing already working out in your favor.

Everything can and will align if only you believe it that is ‘The Secret’, It’s YOU.

In a Nutshell
The whole rule of law of attraction fundamentally may not seem like it would be possible, but you can’t deny the fact that it works. The question under consideration is– are you feeling open to life changing ideas and are you willing to give different ideas a chance? If yes, then the way to go is focusing on those positive thoughts, repeating them every day, be grateful for what you already have and take actions on those thoughts that you want to see manifested in your life.

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