I’ve witnessed people really close to me and people that I happen to know cheat themselves out of their happiness and growth and I have to say it’s really heartbreaking. They make all kinds of excuses for why they need to cheat. It’s like there is a part of them that knows it is wrong but another part thinks “how bad could it really be?” and the latter idea wins every time.

There are different ways in which people cheat. Some people cheat on themselves out their happiness some people cheat on their partners/spouses etc. However, it all ends in the same way. You get caught! You think what harm could be done if I cheat once? The Answer: A lot!

You Can’t get away with cheating!

It is a universal fact that no one in this world can ever get away with cheating. It may be business, relationship or even life in general, but you are bound to get caught.

Cheating is not always about lying and being dishonest, it is also about being unfair to others.

One of the biggest lie we tell ourselves is that cheating doesn’t hurt anyone. This isn’t true. It’s easy to think in such way because you think you are the only one who’s aware of what’s going on. But for instance, when you cheat on someone, they might not know it immediately but eventually they will find out and then feel betrayed or hurt by your actions which can tear down everything good that you two built together over time.

If you’re going to be a cheater, you’re going to be unhappy

If you’re going to be a cheater, you’re going to be unhappy. If you cheat on you partner at some point in the future, your partner might find out about the infidelity and feel hurt or angry. You’ll have a hard time talking about what happened because it was such an awful thing for them to find out about in the first place—and then for them to realize that their entire relationship has been built on lies! If this happens with someone who is important enough to you that they deserve honesty from you in return, then trust between the two of you will have been broken irreparably. 

You’re robbing yourself of the opportunity to grow

When you think that you’re cheating someone else, in reality, you are actually cheating yourself. It takes courage to look at your own failures and shortcomings head-on instead of covering them up with a false sense of superiority or blame toward someone else. But if this kind of honesty is difficult for you (and most people), then consider staying away from relationships altogether until you feel confident enough about yourself that a failure would not cause an emotional breakdown or require large amounts of time and energy to recover from emotionally damaging situations where one person ends up feeling betrayed by the other person’s actions (whether intentional or unintentional).

Life is not one big race!

Life is not one big race.  There are no winners or losers here,we are all just trying to figure out our place in this world and getting through each day as best we can. The only way to do that is by focusing on what’s important: the journey itself rather than its destination—and ourselves instead of comparing ourselves with others. When we stop comparing ourselves with others, we open up space for growth and change in our lives because we have time for self-reflection versus worrying about where others stand in relation to us at any given moment.

It’s not worthy in the long run

  • You will feel guilty
  • You will lose family and friends’ respect and trust.
  • You will empty inside and like a fraud even if you get away with cheating.
  • When you cheat on someone your heart feels heavy and burdened by the guilt of hurting someone’s feelings. In the long run, You will experience emptiness and find no fulfillment from the things that once used to bring joy in life

The best thing to do is stop cheating for once and for all and live a life filled with kindness instead.

If you want to be happier it will be easier if you don’t take advantage of other’s weaknesses or use their kindness to benefit yourself. Also, if you are selfish and mean to others just so you can get what you want, it will lead to loneliness and unhappiness because nobody likes to be around people who are mean and only think for themselves, you can try being kind instead and see how people appreciate you.

I hope this article has helped you understand that cheating on your happiness or on other will ruin your own life. It may seem harmless at first but it can bring you nothing but misery and regret, because everyone ends up finding out about your lies eventually and hating you for being dishonest. You can avoid it and start being kinder and more honest towards others and yourself.

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