When it comes down to real wealth in life, no relationship is as valuable as friendship. Friendship isn’t all about relationship between friends but this word has a greater depth to it. Any relationship (for instance, relationship between two couples or family) can be enhanced if it has a friendship aspect to it.

It one of the most beneficial relationships you could ever have and even though it’s not a commonly talked about topic, there are definitely some red flags that can ruin a friendship faster then you may realize. In this article we will discuss about those red flag in friendship that will help you find true friendship:

They Don’t Respect Your Boundaries

Boundaries are crucial to any relationship, and your friendship is no different. Friendship is all about respecting each other and the personal space of everyone. The boundaries need to be clearly outlined and set right. When you set your boundaries, you will find out how far you can go with your friendship.

When someone disrespects your boundaries, they are not thinking of you at all. They may not be your true friends after all, and it’s important that you recognize this before it gets even more uncomfortable for the both of you.

It is important to realize that some people are incapable of opening up at all unless they have a close bond with you. It’s crucial to respect their boundaries.

Friend’s Don’t Talk behind A Friends Back

A friend is someone who respects you and understands why you made the choices that you did, even if he or she doesn’t agree with them.

If you need to say something behind a friend’s back, it would be better if you confront them face-to-face and talk about it. There is a saying that true friends don’t use negative words to describe their friends. This is because they have trust, honesty and respect for each other. Most people don’t abide by this rule and gossip behind a friend’s back.

Most women use gossip as a potentially harmful tactic to boost their social status. It began  as a tool to prevent people from making mistakes that others had made before them  (kind of like warning a friend), gossip is now used to lash out at people and say terrible things behind their backs. Avoid such people who gossip at all cost.

They Hold Grudges Against You

People who hold grudges are not big on forgiveness. They are judgmental people who hold others to the unrealistic standards they have established for them in their own imaginations. A person who constantly looks for fault, passes criticism on others, or refuses to forgive people cannot be in a true friendship.

Always find friends who are open hearted, generous and forgiving. They will be best in a long term relationship. The people who hold grudges need healing and if you keep the friendship going, they will just keep adding to the bag of grievances they carry around with them, repeating them often.

They Don’t Listen To You

We have friends who don’t listen to us. They are the people who won’t acknowledge what we say or ask us to repeat ourselves over and over again. No one likes to feel unheard, so if talking to your friend feels like talking to a wall you must leave them as quickly as possible because over time it will make you feel undervalued and unappreciated.

Really listening to someone else’s thoughts and feelings, even if they don’t make sense is what friendship is all about. To be truly heard, it takes a lot of commitment. And when you take on that commitment, it can be transformative in your relationship with yours friends and with yourself.

They Make You Feel Drained

You should feel better after you talk to your friends, not worse. If you end up feeling drained after a conversation with your friend, it could be time to reevaluate the friendship. Toxic friendships are often harmful to your mental health and make it easy for you to become highly anxious, stressed and depressed.

They Refuse To Take Accountability Of Their Actions

Being able to accept your mistake is a sign of emotional maturity and self awareness. If you have friends who doesn’t take responsibility of their mistakes then it might be time to acknowledge that their toxic for you.

Being able to accept your wrong doings means that you’re willing to repair the damage that has been caused intentionally or unintentionally. If your friends are able to admit their mistakes, it shows that they care about you and value their friendship with you. And if they don’t ever accept their mistakes even after you’ve mentioned them numerous times, then it might be the time to leave them.

No matter how old or deep your bond is with your friend, if they constantly make you feel hurt and stressed then it is definitely not worth. If any of the behaviors on the list above sound like your friend, then it might be time to part ways with them.

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