I grew up in a small city, where people didn’t have much formal education. But they were all well off because they had the right mindset and knowledge of life. They were happy with whatever they had and knew how to make it work for them. Unfortunately, as our generation moved into cities and got more educated, we lost this ability to be happy with little or nothing in life anymore because we believed that money brings happiness.

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I think we need to redefine the purpose of education. By education, I mean life-long learning for all. It’s not about formal degrees. Education is not just about passing exams and getting a degree; it’s also about skill development and making better human beings out of us all!

Education focuses on learning. Learning means consuming and generating knowledge to achieve practical goals.

Learning is a continuous process, it never ends.

It begins when you are born and continues until the day that you die.

Education helps children develop their potential and become self-directed learners who can make contributions to society as adults.

It is common to think that education only leads to money, but this is a very limited view. Education is not just about earning money; it’s about skill development and making better human beings.

The more skilled you are, the better you can handle your finances and make wise choices regarding them.

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For example, if you’re a doctor who earns $200K/year in income after taxes and expenses, but has no idea how much it costs to run your home or feed yourself and your family healthily because you have never had any classes on food preparation or nutrition in school—you will likely waste some of those earnings on unhealthy food from restaurants or fast-food joints instead of cooking at home (which would probably cost less overall). Or maybe one day when there isn’t enough money left over with which to pay bills after all necessary expenses are taken care of—so what happens then? You can see how this could spiral into an endless cycle of financial hardship just because someone didn’t take time out their childhood years learning how best to manage money responsibly!

In short: education helps us make better decisions so we don’t end up wasting our hard-earned money on things that aren’t important enough for us financially speaking; moreover though –

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Education’s goal is to make better human beings. Better global citizens who have empathy, self-worth, discipline, and a success mindset among other qualities of life.

It is not just about getting good grades or passing tests. Education’s goal is to make better human beings. It aims at making students aware of their surroundings, their environment, and how they can help in improving it for the betterment of all people around them!

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to educate your children. Don’t just send them to school and leave it at that. You need to teach them the importance of education, how to be independent and self-sufficient, how to be responsible for their actions, how to respect others and their property

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Teach your children that they deserve the best of everything in life including best health, success and achievements. They should be taught to dream big and have the right mindset to achieve those dreams. Teach your children the importance of education, not just formal degrees but also learning new skills by doing hands-on work that will help them get jobs or start businesses.

Teach your children that they can change their circumstances if they work hard enough at it.

Education is not only about degrees. Education is about learning, the goal of education is not just money but skill development. Skill development brings money and success automatically. It is important to ask yourself this question: “Why should I study?”

The answer should be, “Because my goal in life is not to make money, but to become a better human being.” This can be achieved through education only!

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In conclusion, the purpose of education is to empower people to live better lives. You can’t achieve this by just going through formal degrees or getting high marks on exams alone. Education is about skill development which brings money and success automatically but it’s also about self-worth and empathy as well as other qualities of life like discipline and a success mindset among others.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to educate our children so that they become better human beings who can contribute positively to society in future generations!

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